Land Rover


Land Rover are unique in their approach - pushing boundaries in design, technology and customer experience. We mirrored their approach when producing email communications for the launch of the All-New Land Rover Discovery.

Role: Designer   Agency: Amaze One   Year: 2017


Data Driven Design

Using Land Rover’s customer data and industry insights, we presented a future for Land Rover’s email communications. Our aim was to lead customers down specific paths towards purchasing the All-New Discovery.

With our skills and expertise in customer experience, we wanted to showcase the true power of email. We took the opportunity to align Land Rover's email communications with their showroom experience and vehicles themselves. Our strategy blended Land Rover's data and brand values to create deeper engagement with Land Rover customers.

Understanding Land Rover’s customers enabled us to tailor each communication around two customer profiles. Using the two customers’ lifestyle, purchase history and marketing preferences - we created an intial list of considerations for each profile, which helped us begin to design the email communications.

Customers who’s preferences aligned with practicality, technology and design received communications with richer content. This carousel highlights the All-New Discovery’s 'Intelligent Seat Fold' configurable seven-seat layout.


Using a modular approach enables Land Rover to design and build emails with speed and agility. Each component is built with mobile optimisation in mind. Every image will swap out to ensure vehicles are showcased to their full potential on mobile devices.


All work is property of Amaze One and Jaguar Land Rover.

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